mercoledì 6 marzo 2013

STYLE ICON: Alasdhair Willis

I'd like to introduce you some people that have a great style but that aren't considered style icons by the most. Usually when I hear the world "style icon" my mind thinks about the greatest Hollywood stars, like Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Alain Delone and Robert Redford. In the majority of the styleblogs you can see people like Josh Peskowitz, Nick Wooster or Lino Ieluzzi. They have an incredible style but I'd like to show you something different. 
A Rolex Explorer, not a Submariner, a Daytona or a Datejust... from this little detail (always present in every outfit) you can understand how Alasdhair Willis is an "out of the box" style icon. Neutral colours, tuxedos, a cream trenchcoat, double breasted jackets and colurful socks. What I like of his kind of elegance is that he wears super cool designer products with streetwear accessories, for example tuxedo with Converse (you know my passion for suit&sneakers!!). Also a beautiful and superfashion wife (Stella McCartney) helps in being a style icon ;)
Ad maiora. 


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