martedì 12 marzo 2013

The Thomas Crown affair

Movies have a great impact on style. An example? The Thomas Crown affair (the 1968 version, not the 1999 remake). This is one of my favourite movies ever, one of whom most influenced my idea of elegance.
A businessman, Steve McQueen, in need of diversions with a luxuty lifestyle: he plays polo and golf, flies a glider and drives a dune buggy (also a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce). A beautiful, supersexy and intelligent investigator, Faye Dunaway. A complicated love story. A perfect soundtrack.
After seeing this movie I decided to buy a pair of Persol PO714 that I'm actually using and I think I'll never be tired of. Here some pictures, the trailer and a track of the OST. Hope you enjoy.
What are your cult movies?
Ad maiora.



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